Sunday 18 March 2012

Richard Armitage - Historical Interest for Men (7)

Sunday, March 18th

Last, but definitely not least!
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Richard Armitage - Historical Interest for Men

Or: What historical interest of a man can tell a woman about him

When it comes to reading and book publications, one might get the impression, that women are especially interested in history. But what are the aspects, making history or the interest in history so very interesting for women?

In our research throughout the week, we already found out, that history is a very special combination for actors, mingles well with fantasy, all time periods do work for Mr. Armitage regarding clothing- and hair-styles, his interest for King Richard III is special, but today, we will find out, what does interest in history tell us about the man himself !

Some fans of Mr. Armitage hesitate to share his interest in King Richard III, because of ...
-  Missing interest in history (They remember boring schooldays, where they had to learn dry and boring names and dates. If they were anything like me, forgetting them after a short while ;o)
-  Missing splashyness or prestige of a historical topic
-  Minor financial backing for historical film projects
-  RA will be hidden in costume (Though he is in more costume and prosthetics now in “The Hobbit”.)

But those fans are missing out on the greater implications and secrets, this historical interest reveals to us women ;o)

Historical interest means:
Project Magazine (edited) -

-  Attention to detail and patience (as the research to find out reliable material between all the spread propaganda and intentional misinformation is extensive. The good researcher must be willing to go on till he can be content with the results he found.)

-  Imaginative capabilities (see article FanstRAvaganza Day 2: History & Fantasy)

-  Understanding of complex connections, systems, rituals, behaviours, reasonings and motives

-  Open for intellectual challenges

-  Good with seeing the detail in complex contexts

-  Not too great or self-important, to let only the present rule; so needs to be openminded

-  Interested in different attitudes, approaches to life, systems to explain life and the world in general
Project Magazine (edited) -

-  Interested in the great system and the reasons behind our presence. For example, where and why did society evolve in a certain way, why did mankind come to the dead end it is right now, what traditions lie behind certain behaviourisms, how did the legal system come to be the way it is, why do we have certain rules of politeness or a definitive feeling for what is adequate, ...

-  Good memory, to keep track of all complex and connected facts and diverse motives and influences. (Can well be used to remember birthdays and anniversaries and so of good use to keep a partner happy ;o)

- Well organized, as what a historian can't remember, he must be able to easily find again.  (or again patience, as what he does not find he has to search for ;o)

- It also is a sign that this man can stay quiet, do research or think and come up with the right answer at the right time, instead of trying to generally fight down other opinions, because he wants to dominate or feels cornered and wants to prove his superiority.

- He is an interesting partner in a discussion, because he has to tell something. His knowledge is based on his research and reading. Though I must admit, in my experience, I had to draw the dialogue out of their noses, as they tend to be quite shy and thoughtful persons and open up slowly, as they don't want to offend or bother someone who is uninterested in their topic.

Project Magazine (edited) -

As a final result, historical interest in men is a sign of character-strength, which shows that this person is interested in more than his own self. (In my experience really a major advantage and sure sign of historians or historically interested men, compared to 'ordinary men' ;o)

So watch out and if you don't already have one, search for a good historian or historically interested man like Mr. Armitage ;o)  [Be careful to evade the 'blenders' who only have one topic they repeat time over time again, as a kind of chat-up line.]

<<  FanstRAvaganza now came to an ending. I hope you have enjoyed the journey through history and had or still have plenty of opportunity to enjoy the wonderful articles of this year's FanstRAvaganza, collected here at the FanstRAvaganza-Index-Page. >>

I don't need to mention who made this wonderful banner and you will know anyway ;o)


  1. Knowledge and intelligence definitely make a man more interesting!

    1. You bring it much more down to the point, bccmee!
      I needed much more words for that ;o)

  2. Now this an interesting perspective! Actually, I've known/know a few male history grads (not necesarily professional historians, they seem to have used their intense history background in writing/politics/ etc. They aren't particularly intro, but certainly thoughtful and interesting, and not averse to either listening or "expounding". History is not a bad basis for anything. Understatement. :)


    1. Yes, fitzg, I agree, not all need the prying help to get them started to speak ;o) I over-exaggerated (at least a little bit) here ;o), but in contrast I also found the outspoken mostly not the most knowledgeable.
      But history certainly is a good starting point to train the brain ;o)
      Considering, that it needs the knowledge of a lot of other sciences, mathematical knowledge and technical skills to get to the goal, it is more an all-round-topic than most of the outsiders would suspect.

  3. My SO is and always has been a history freak, as am I. He tends to "apply" his historical knowledge to present day events and can grab a quote out thin air like what Churchill said at such and such event back in 1943... whereas I seem to go for the details like what they wore, ate, did, played, and how they lived and what a woman's world might have been like. Everything you mention applies to SO but the organized thing. When he hits the back door with that crazy look in his eyes, I know to start helping him find whatever it is that he's misplaced now! Interesting article!

    1. Thank you very much for your feedback, The Queen.
      Unfortunately, you are very right with the 'organized thing' ;o) though historians mostly would like to be, but in truth mostly end up with the third option (searching ;o).

  4. Very interesting post and interesting in what it says about RA and our interest in him.

    RA is a man interested in history and also able to interest his fans in history. I do find men that are intelligent and open minded much more attractive. To me RA is both of those things, and much more.He's also articulate and a good storyteller, another plus.

    (Having said that, on a daily basis I am surrounded by men who are intellectuals and they are not all equally interesting - LOL)

    1. Thank you very much, Faboamanto.
      The storytelling RA does, really gets our fantasy working and I am always coming back wanting more of this wonderful inspiration ;o)
      (Unfortunately not all men are like RA. Though, perhaps we would not appreciate him, if they all were. So you must see it from the bright side, those other men make you appreciate RA, Faboamanto! ;o)

    2. I could wish that more men were more like RA, though still individuals. Need more of that nurturing and nourishing, more thoughtfulness, more charity and generosity, more love of books, more interest and direction in life, more happy "naughty side", more laughter...

    3. @Anonymous
      I fully agree with you, Anonymous. Who would say no to such a wonderful man with whom one can laugh together? Surely not I ;o)

  5. Just last week I was wondering how my (female) cousin who has a Phd. in history ended up as manager with an NGO that works on peace and justice initiatives - seemingly (to me)unrelated to her degree. A co-worker of mine commented that he thought the study of history was more useful in the real world that most other degrees. The more I thought about it, the more I agreed. As you stated in your post the study of history would promte "Understanding of complex connections, systems, rituals, behaviours, reasonings and motives" - and that's a bonus in any field.

    So, as we know, RA is not only handsome but wise and well read!

    1. Thank you very much, A Scattering!
      I fully agree with you that history is a good preparation for many things. The only problem is that the job world generally does not recognize that, in my view to its own disadvantage. Congratulations to your cousin!
      Fortunately, RA has agents who look after him and is wise in his choices. Hopefully he gets many after "The Hobbit" ;o)

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