Friday 16 December 2011

A Year Comes to its End ...

As with every year, I take account of the passed year and try to start a new one with new plans and a fresh impulse.

The last year, as I have revealed on various occasions, was not an easy way for me. So I really hope for a new and better year to come. But what lately revealed itself was, that the negative developments were after all positive. It is only the perspective and being in the chaos at the moment, that made them bad, but the overall picture now more and more reveals them as a life saving catastrophe ;o)

The new year especially holds promise, as it makes my b-day more nonsensical than it already is ;o) So I hope for a really funny year to come ;o)

The one thing of this past year I would never want to miss or change and would like to re-live over and over again, is my fandom for Richard Armitage.
It showed me, that there is more to life than struggles and problems, but a wonderful community of friends and supportive co-fans! Thank you for being there and enduring my struggles with coming to terms with fandom and life !

I had a very 

this year with

Wonderful Presents:

Swoon-worthy Guy of Gisborne created by bccmee (Train your memory and don't miss the video!)
And have a closer look, under what banner Guy of Gisborne is hiding in bccmee's game!

Source: "Robin Hood III", ep. no. 10 "Bad Blood"
I am never sure who is falling in this film sequence, Guy of Gisborne or I.
I would like to be able to fall like this. The last time I fell, I spent one week in hospital ;o) (Don't worry, was a long time ago, but since then a fear of falling remains.)
Perhaps that is a further reason, why I absolutely adore his elegant way of falling and showing that his body loses control.

Bccmee and our anonymous fan-artist of this post on KingRichardArmitage know me very well ;o)
See what our fan-artist has done for my birthday !!! (Happy sigh...)

My resolution for the coming year:

I will continue my work to support a filming of "King Richard III". I hope that project will work out as it would be a dream come true for me.

I will continue with "Intrigue". I promise I won't leave you hanging as I currently did with Al Delarmy, dumping him in a hotel in Hamburg (he deserved it a bit for playing with his author ;o)
I am already working on further parts of the story, but need a few more quiet days to really get ahead with my writing down the story swirling around in my head.
Al is a bit unruly and intriguing himself and does not leave me in peace, so you can rest assured, that I will come back to him, my secret love full of mystery  ;o)


  1. Sometimes time seems to be move oh so slow (looking at The Hobbit premiere countdown) and sometimes it passes so fast (can't believe is half December already!).

    I hope you accomplish everything you want next year and that we have even more fun RA-related.


    OML :)

  2. I am sorry, that this year has been a tough one for you, but it is good to hear, that the fandom and RA´s little community brougt you joy. I am my self very grateful for this fandom and all the fans, and I am also still very honoured to be part of your BIG project KRA. And it looks like that the project is in for some exiting days in the future ;-)

    I wish you and your love ones a merry christmas and a wonderful new year.

  3. A little x- mas present:-)

  4. @Caro
    Thank you very much for your comment !
    Yes, I completely agree, with the wait for "The Hobbit" time passes so slowly, but with the last year, it went by so fast, that I can't believe that a whole year is gone.
    Lets hope for lots of fun in 2012 ;o)

  5. @alfie
    Oh, Alfie, what a swoonworthy King Richard for Christmas !!!
    Here comes the link to directly click on it:
    That is such a wonderful creation !!! I just can't get enough of it and am hardly able to write a somewhat coherent comment here ;o)
    I must directly link and mention it on the KRA site. RA just looks great as king ;o)
    Thank you so much, Alfie !!!
    I am so honoured that you are taking part in KRA. Thank you for all your work and support !!!

  6. I'm looking forward to another year of friendship and fun. I can't wait to see more of your projects Happy New Year!

  7. @bccmee
    Thank you for your friendship and support, bccmee! With your creativity, the new year certainly will be lots of fun ;o)
    I am very much looking forward to it.
    Have a good and happy New Year as well!

  8. I hope this coming year is a much better one!

  9. @Servetus
    Thank you very much, Servetus! I hope you will have a wonderful coming year as well!!! 2012 is such a nice number, it just must be a good year. (My hope is, it can't get much worse - now after desinfecting my whole appartment because of a water installation problem, I now caught a cold. But I must remember, the year 2011 is not over yet ;o)