Saturday 24 December 2011

Christmas Message

As last year, I copy in the lovely Christmas message by Richard Armitage here. (I still did not figure out, how I could link to the message directly on

Dear All,

So my feet are finally on UK soil, back in Blighty, nose to tail traffic and the usual Heathrow drizzle. But it's good to be home for Christmas. I think the jet lag might give me a sneaky glimpse of Santa this year as I am wide awake at 2am!

 It's been one of the most memorable years I have ever experienced, the big birthday (which I tried to ignore, by sleeping through it!) and the privilege to be in NZ working on The Hobbit has make this year unforgettable. The places we have been to and the things we have seen, have surpassed all my expectations. I was very choked up as the plane left Wellington on Weds, it really has become home and to all my new friends there and my old friends here I would like to raise a glass for the festive season.

 Thank you for the continuing support which you all lend as part of our community of 'friends', it really has an impact on me personally, I feel very much supported and I hope that waiting for the film isn't too frustrating. I haven't quite had the time to attend to all the signed photos that people were requesting as Christmas gifts for family and friends and I apologise for dissappointing them, I will get on the case as soon as I can.

 I think next year will be like that last turn of the corner when you think you have reached the summit, only to find you are miles from the top and the climb is even steeper, but we are gearing up for an exciting ride. I even might step off the treadmill and put my dumb bells down briefly to scoff some turkey on 25th!!

 Thank you all for the continued generosity on the Just Giving pages which in total comes to more than £14,000.

 I would like to say Happy Christmas to everyone who drops in to catch up on the news and further across our online 'party' of friends, have a great holiday, and a cracking New Year. Just think this time next year, we'll all be crossed eyed from all the 3D movies we will have watched, and by 2013, technology will have advanced so much, we won't even have to go the the cinema, it will be transmitted directly into our imagination by a WIFI/Bluetooth microchip which we will have all had installed into our Hypothalamusesl! (Hypothalami?)

 Enjoy the typos!

 Peace and goodwill (and I really mean that, be willingly good, extra good, extra peaceful and extra forgiving)

The links to RA's Just Giving charities are here.

Have lovely and enjoyable Christmas days, wonderful food, good company and friends around you and hope and joy in your heart!


  1. Isn't he the sweetest?? XD

    I find this letter more intimate because it feels like he's really writing to friends, the mood is very relaxed and happy, like just sharing late 'news' with us. Is indeed very nice of him.

    A big hug to you CDoart!

    OML :)

  2. It was such a lovely treat! I can't believe Richard Armitage had time to write a letter to his fans. He must be exhausted! I wish you a very happy Christmas, CDoart! Will see you in the new year!

  3. @Caro
    Yes, I think he is sweet as well, though I am hesitant to call a man sweet, but still ... ;o)
    I also had the feeling, that he has settled and has come to terms with our role in his life. That gives the letter a very lovely and relaxed way and I am glad that he seems comfortable with our 'interference' as fans in his life.
    Big hug back to you and have lovely Christmas days !

  4. @bccmee
    Have lovely holidays as well, bccmee! Till next year (fortunately not far away ;o)
    I did not really expect a message this year, at least not in time for Christmas. He really must be exhausted and the time schedule of filming at all the different places shown in the 5th pre-Hobbit video does not seem a light one.
    I really think it is extraordinarily lovely of him to think about his poor fans and their hopes, while under such jet lag and time pressure. I hope he gets some relaxed time off now.
    Happy Christmas days, bccmee, and health, success and lots of luck in the new year 2012!

  5. Hi C,
    It's great that Richard Armitage takes the time to send a note to his legion of fans.
    The Hobbit movie trailer was stunningly breathtaking. I'm still listening to the Misty Mountains Cold song because it is so soothing.
    We can only hope that RA's star will go supernova when the films are released--giving him even more artistic opportunities for us to enjoy him in.
    Have a great holiday and a very Happy New Year! Grati ;->

  6. Adoooore the last sentence ;-) With all that "extra" I feel that he just give a little bit extra of him self :-)

    Merry merry x-mas.
    RA hugs

  7. @gratianads90
    Welcome here, Gratiana!
    The song really was breathtaking and I still cannot get enough of it. What will the whole film do, when the snippet already has such an effect ;o)
    Have great holidays as well and I wish you all the best for the coming year 2012!

  8. @alfie
    He really is exceptionally extra wonderful ;o)
    He makes fandom something cherishable and completely different from girly fan-craziness. It is stunning what he does with a few words, either while acting or in his lovely message.
    I hope you had wonderful X-mas days (I took a bit of a break and got a cold ;o)
    RA-hugs back and all the best to you, Alfie!

  9. Merry (belated) Christmas and a happy new year! Hope 2012 is great for you. :)

  10. @Traxy
    Thank you, Traxy! I hope you had lovely Christmas days.
    Have a wonderful end of 2011 and start into a great new year 2012 as well!!!
    I hope we will see lots of RA and Hobbit previews and perhaps hear good news regarding R3 ;o)