Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Donation Transfer for Guylty's Father!

I just finished the transfer of the donation money to the charity for Guylty's father.

The amount is:

€ 77,84 (= US$ 105.81)

Thank you to the wonderful and kind donors !!!

Source: Glitter-graphics.com

P.S.: Amount consisting of € and US$ donations, is calculated into one transferable total with today's US$ exchange rate to € published on oanda.com.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

To Catch a Cactus...

It would have been better, if I had done that figuratively and not literally.
But when did I ever do the prudent thing?

Well, almost never.

So, I did literally catch a cactus. Not only with one hand, but with both.
I only became aware of what was sailing down to earth in front of me, when I already had the thorns deeply embedded in my hands. It was an old - and heavy! - cactus.
Fortunately, I left out my fingers. So, as long as I don't lay my hands on the computer, but only use my fingers and don't move the wrists, I still can be fan and access the lovely fan reports and reviews of how "The Crucible" and Richard Armitage's performance is received by the journalists.

Shock aside, I survived the cactus and its long needles, even though some went straight into my wrists. And my advice should you come into a similar situation is, to remove the thorns under shock oneself, as it is less painful than waiting, as some have recommended to me, and wait to let it be done by a doctor. I was very fortunate, that I wore my wrist watch at the time and at least some areas were protected by it. Still, I look a bit like I have had a fight with an angry cat.

But the balm of wonderful reviews about this "production of electrifying intensity" (Charles Spencer, The Telegraph, 04.07.2014) is a healing elixir completely on its own.

Thank you, Servetus, for keeping us updated ! 

Richard Armitage with Samantha Colley and Yael Farber at the after-party for "The Crucible" (London, 03.07.2014)

P.S.: Should you be waiting for a mail from me, please have patience with me. I normally write quite fast, but currently am slowed down to an almost two finger method and still have to do my quarterly tax declaration with two fingers as well. Though I am on it and will continue slowly!

P.P.S.: I am just wondering, what the cactus wanted to tell me. After I avoided a falling two meter high cactus by mere millimeters only about a month ago, I somehow had to be hit by a cactus, it seems. So another one - not even my own - tried again yesterday, catching me completely unawares.
Am I too much like a cactus, ... ?
But certainly, I will avoid needles for quite a while now, cactus' or others, as I had my good share of them now. The problem is, I just need to re-pot a few of my two meter high ones. Should I apply for a knight's suit of armour?

Monday, 30 June 2014

Fandom & Friendship & Fathers

Guylty with her creativity is a very inspirational and encompassing member of our warm and welcoming fandom.

It is the more sad for me that she goes through such a hard time in her life.
I am always rather speechless in those circumstances, especially as I fear a similar situation in my own life and so deeply feel Guylty's current situation as if my own.

So I am happy to support Obscura's and Servetus' idea to show compassion and support for Guylty, who lost her father after short and unexpected illness.

Obscura lists the ways we can show our support by supporting charities,
  • either the one suggested by Guylty and her family (a German charity - where I step in to enable transfers to the German account via my PayPal-Donation button. Separate site with details and updates here.)

Thank you very much for your friendship, support and compassion, no money could buy and which so overwhelmingly and heart-warmingly shows time and again, why the RA-fandom is the right place for me to be.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Is it Sex Appeal ?

The latest interview with Mr. Armitage (The Telegraph, 25.06.2014) about his role as John Proctor in Arthur Miller's "The Crucible" made me wonder about ...

... as Mr. Armitage is mentioning something ...

"His career in television has been assisted by the fact that women find him sexy."
Mr. Armitage's answer to this is:
"I still don't get it."
And here I must admit, neither do I.

You wonder now why I am a fan then.

But that aspect is the one thing, I had always wondered about right up from the beginning of my fandom.
Do I find him sexually attractive?
I just don't know.
Really !

I find him interesting and thought provoking on so many levels, I just don't know.
I think I would have to meet him in person to answer this question or even discover a potential answer to this question. But then again, as far as I know me, I would need time to determine and find out the answer.

SEXY just would never have been among the many words I would have used to describe him.

Interesting; present (I know that word will not be entirely clear put here on its own, but for me it is so significant for him); stimulating compassion, feeling, thought, understanding; in the spot and complete in a moment (what, by the way, I never feel to be); expressive; inside and outside in harmony (while I always feel to be a contradiction inside myself); and just so much more ...

So in part, he is something I admire, what makes me better in seeing, watching, observing, listening, trying to understand, ...

So, after all this, I just never get through all the fascinating aspects of him, to discover if I would be sexually attracted to him.
And I must admit, I fear to get closer to research this question, because I fear the potential sexual attraction might overshadow my other perceptions of Mr. Armitage and his artistic message.

Perhaps that is also one of the reasons why I shy away from a real life meeting, because a moment's snapshot overshadowed by my fears would dominate my other appreciations of his multitude of facettes.

And I just fear, with sexual attraction, I would want to tear him appart and it would tear me appart equally. I am not yet ready for this totality.

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Not Only Breaking Down Walls

The 4th Wall - Or a Clear Legal Breach

As RAFrenzy opened the discussion again, but closed comments on her post "Speaking of the Fourth Wall", I want to verify, what I see as 'fair use' and what annoyes me so much about the late discussion of using fan-art and fan-fiction and breaking down the wall between actors and viewers (well-wishers or fans or just unbiased observers). May it be slash or whatever...

The private use and sharing and reading and re-reading and enjoying, may be sometimes even hating is all totally o.k. for me.

But what a journalist did by using one slash fiction, for one to humiliate actors and - what is the legally relevant breach in her action - for another to broadcast the creation without the permission of the creator, is absolutely condemmnable for me.

I know, I am a stickler for legal correctness - but beare with me, I make my living by obeying the rules and numerous regulations, not only of one country, but various. So I have to be aware of them, what the interviewer clearly was not.

So the offensive act of the interviewer not only is a breach of moral feelings and sensibilities, but it is a legal breach of the rights of an author.
And that status not only belongs to a conventially published book author, but also to a creator of fan-fiction. May it be as slashy and offensive as it likes. That does not change the fact that the author and the author alone has the right to decide what happens with his/her work. Though in case of fan-fiction and the use of creations of others, it quite automatically involves further rights which need to be obtained before a public broadcasting can be granted!
And publishing it publicly in any other form thant the author him/herself did, like in an interview, needs permission!

That and that alone is the offensive part for me in the whole affair.
I am almost certain actors are already aware that the fantasy of their fans is rather unlimited.

So sometimes they reach out through the so-called 4th wall and try to direct the perception, the interpretation or just make a nice impression on fans (or as we learned by one of those breaches of the 4th wall by Richard Armitage, to call them 'well-wishers').

Now, lets see what the new year 2014 will bring regarding new uproars and upheavals in fandom (well-wisherdom).

Have a happy, healthy and successful new year 2014
and enjoy every minute of it !!!
Source: http://www.glitter-graphics.com/

Friday, 29 November 2013

Silent Auction by AgzyM Begins Today

Today the charity event initiated by fellow blogger AgzyM begins!

Don't forget to participate !!!

Saturday, 23 November 2013

A Personal Insight Defiled

You know I don't grab for attention and so I won't link to the interview my post refers to, nor any of the comments and posts answering and interpreting and ... it.

I don't want the attention a direct link to it might bring, nor do I appreciate major parts of the discussion which followed the interview.
Though I am aware that my post, rather than letting the topic rest, once again puts up a clear opinion and view of the world and the statements RA made in his interview.
If you can't bear my open statement of my opinion, stay away from the freedom of opinion and don't read my post.

Wer sich in Gefahr begibt, kommt darin um.
(Who willingly encounters / searches danger, dies therin.)

I am not sure if in the translation the ambiguity of the German proverb still is as present as in the original, while even in Germany, most people no longer can apply the proverb correctly or see its whole meaning.
The interpretation possibilities are manifold, though the sentence itself looks rather self explanatory and straight forward, but it is not all as it may seem or as clear an advice for action / none-action as one might read into it.

The connection, why this proverb came up in my mind while thinking about RA, was the whole discussion about RA's interview and his position about weapon possession.

While RA's position is exactly what I would have expected of every well educated and sensible European, it lead to heavy discussions in the fandom.

I know about the background of U.S. legislation, the 'oldest' democracy - and according to that, the first test ground of democracy, while other countries and forms of constitution already had samples and could select what they found re-usable and fit to be copied.
So I don't need a reminder or hint that Europeans just don't see the special situation and necessities of the U.S. (It is rather a well established way of not caring about the specifics of other countries and expecting the same from them in return. I continuously encountered that attitude while visiting the U.S.A. but fortunately also found some very interesting exceptions to that rule.)

Still, the fan-debate - though I followed only very (!) loosely (for reasons of self-preservation. I just hate to explode about things I can't change.) - astonished me in its fierceness, when in my opinion and European world view, it should be common ground to try to live and establish a better future from an obviously not well working out past and present.

Europe has a history where people slaughtered one's neighbours for the least of reasons. The only way to live together in some kind of peace in such a densely populated area is, to set the hurdle to kill as high as possible.
So I am deeply in favour of our strict weapons legislation we have here in Germany.
Everyone who possesses a weapon, but should not, commits an immediately punishable crime.

Whoever can possess a weapon, e.g. for reasons of job (hunters, police forces, etc.), hobby (sport, hunt), is constantly checked and controlled: Mentally, ability (weapons training) and security (safe keeping of the weapons, separated from the ammunition and especially unavailable for children).
Every breach means the loss of all weapons and enables the police to enforce the prosecution.

Clear, clean and secure for all involved.

I myself did shoot and was even asked to join a sports club of shooters in my youth. But while I enjoy shooting at fairs and as teen was allowed to use the air rifle of my uncle to learn how it works,  I was more interested in the mechanics than the shooting itself, though it is nice if you exactly hit your intended target.

Still, I am very much against weapons. I even broke the connection to the first boyfriend interested in a closer relationship, because he worked in a weapons factory (Not just guns, but a bit more heavy and sophisticated killing machinery.) and thought nothing of it.
They paid their employees extraordinary salaries to forget about their morals and provided exceptional additional educational and work possibilities.

In weapons lies money, big money.

So the two things I detest most and are up to no good, come together here to build an unhealthy union.

To allow everyone to have a weapon just is like trying to extinguish the devil with Beelzebub. (Another German proverb: Den Teufel mit dem Beelzebub austreiben.)

It won't work, ever.
Or can you imagine me with a pistol trying to defend myself against professional killers?
Think again, if you ever want to reason with me that this is a sensible way of defence, except you think the killers will fall over dying on their own laughter over seeing me thinking that I have a chance that way.

Though I even know where a sharpshooter needs to place an exact killing shot or where a shot is more likely to kill, ache, heal or simmer and lead to cruel death or amputation.
Curious, how my mind works. But that knowledge interests me far more than wanting to possess a weapon and actually shoot.

How many people in possession or able to get hold of a weapon do you think also know those facts? How many do you think are even interested or even able to direct and execute their shots in such an exact way?

The professionals need to learn those things and need to train their abilities, to get their moods under control as well as get their abilities up to scratch to execute exact shots.

I am glad to live in a country where I can rely on the strict rules and training of security services to guard my safety, much better than I ever could or would like to and am grateful that they create big hurdles for anyone to possess a weapon.

Thank you, Mr. Armitage, for making this statement and hoping, as I do, for a better future and not giving up on us ungrateful and unworthy humans.

(As I don't really want to hear a single word more about this discussion, but felt it necessary to make this clear statement, comments are closed on this post. What, by the way, I never did before, as I am a fierce democrat - just not a compromise-democrat - and believe in the freedom of opinion.)