Wednesday 22 August 2018

Back for Birthday Celebrations

It's been a while. I still have a few more food-posts for RA-characters in my drafts, but when living without sweets and fruit, thumbing through cookbooks and recipes becomes a rather uncomfortable pastime.

Also, as I have recognised, one strangely becomes quite unsocial, when each birthday among your acquaintances means, you have to explain at length, why you can't participate with the birthday cake or celebratory alcohol. Or if you don't and they press some on you, you are ill for days to come. Also, when you are invited, the easiest contribution to a party is no longer possible for you. You can't make a salad or a dessert, as each contains a load of things you have meticulously banned from your vicinity. When you are standing around at the party and try to discern, what the things you might try to eat are cooked with, each cook feels offended by your close scrutiny. So you rather avoid to get close to something to eat, as the hosts would rather feel offended, if you even tried to bring some of the for you still edible food ...

Fortunately, all those problems do not arise with a virtual birthday cake!

And so I can freely join today's celebrations.

Happy Birthday, Richard Armitage !

I very much hope, RA and you all still can enjoy an occasional cake and sweets and tasty food for real, not just virtually.

Happy celebrations and lots of sweets and sweetness to you all!

As a special present to celebrate, I will also post an interview with a new author, who took his name from one of my fan-stories (with my permission). So it is not too much to say, that he has a connection to the RA-fandom. But I will ask him about that in the interview. So more later ...


  1. Hey, long lost fellow fan! Happy Armitage Day!

    1. Thank you so much, Servetus. It's so wonderful to be back! Have a happy Armitage-time!