"Intrigue" is a Spooks 9 sequel,
following the life of Lucas North, John Bateman and Dan Algernon Delarmy.

By reading any further, you state, that you are at least 18 years old.

The following content contains violence and situations, which might be offensive for some readers.
So be warned and do not read on, if James Bond like situations do not appeal to you.

Now that Lucas North is officially declared dead by an "elegant", "non-violent" death
(The pregnant woman losing her child by seeing John Bateman crashing into a car deck directly in front of her and all the other passers by having a shock not counted.)
I am free to give him a second life. Was it not a saying for another spy: "You Only Live Twice"?

The Second Life of Lucas North and John Bateman and a certain other man ...

You will later discover, that I indeed need both characters (Lucas and John) to make this story work. But more details will follow at a later time.

Only so much so far, the story will slowly unfold in short parts and posts at this blog.

I hope you will enjoy it and keep following.


Intrigue - Part 1.1 - He is dead - (Video - The End / The Beginning)
Intrigue - Part 1.2 - Discovery
Intrigue - Part 1.3 - Forensic evidence
Intrigue - Part 1.4 - Who died
Intrigue - Part 1.5 - Lucas North is Dead

Intrigue - Part 2.1 - Nothing hidden - (Video - Nothing hidden in London)
Intrigue - Part 2.2 - Nothing to look back to
Intrigue - Part 2.3 - Nothing escapes - (Video - Nothing escapes)
Intrigue - Part 2.4 - Nothing to Disguise
Intrigue - Part 2.5 - Nothing to trade
Intrigue - Part 2.6 - Nothing for company
Intrigue - Part 2.7 - Nothing comes back

Intrigue - Part 3.1 - No Lucas - No fun
Intrigue - Part 3.2 - No Lucas without Beth
Intrigue - Part 3.3 - No Lucas with Ruth
Intrigue - Part 3.4 (Coming soon)

Persons in the story

As all this identity shifting of the agents makes the story a bit complicated, I will try to keep you up to date with the identities of the acting figures in the story here:

Name Description Identity
Beth Bailey Former colleague of Lucas North. Knows about the fake identity and change of Lucas North into John Bateman. Real
John Bateman Identity used by Al Delarmy for his drug courier activities. Identity 'burried' in Dakar and not used by him till the appearance of Vaughan Edwards in London to Blackmail Lucas North, the MI-5 agent. Fake
James Bennett Investigator from the MI-6. Researching the background and previous cases of Harry Pierce. He is very much trying to find incriminating evidence against Harry. Real
Al Delarmy Short for Daniel Alistair Delarmy. Real identity of 'Lucas North', the exceptional spy for MI-5. Real
Vaughan Edwards Person from John Bateman's past in Dakar. Strange influencer of the embassy bombing. Dead
Ruth Evershed Intelligent helper and confidant of Harry Pierce. Working for the MI-5 in London. Real
George Henley Forensic scientist working for the MI-5. Friend of Harry Pierce. Real
Maya Lahan Girlfriend of John Bateman (see: Al Delarmy) during his time as drug dealer. Real
Ben Laramy Security chief of a big international conglomerate. Friend and former lover of Beth Bailey. Real
Dimitri Levendis Former colleague of Lucas North. Knows about his second identity as John Bateman. Real
Lucas North Fake identity. First occupied by a yet unknown 'friend' of John Bateman back in Dakar.
After Dakar used by John Bateman (see: Al Delarmy)
Harry Pierce Head or MI-5 department. Real
Malcolm Wynn-Jones Retired from work for the MI-5 in London. Technical specialist and confidant of Harry Pierce. Before Lucas North's imprisonment in Russia his friend. Knows about Lucas North's presumed betrayal of the MI-5 as John Bateman. Real