Saturday 21 March 2015

The First Time ...

The first time I killed a man ...

No, you need not be worried. I was nowhere near RA and RIII was killed long before I was even born. So all living or dead men are safe from me. Just not so much my fantasy men ;o)

There I am quite blood-thirsty, especially against men. Women in my story have a much safer life. In my first ever novel draft I wrote more than 15 year ago, which I some weeks ago un-dusted and re-opened, a dead man was found on the first page. In Venice of all cities. So quite definitely my all time favourite fantasy story ;o)

I answered a writing prompt by Ella Drayton
and now my little story was featured in her post about her new writing prompt:

Writer In Progress: Writing Prompt Wednesday: Divorce Lawyer: Welcome to the 3rd Writing Prompt Wednesday!! I am so excited that I can feature someone else's story inspired by last week's p...

It was the first time I killed a man - and the surprising thing, I got away with it.
You don't believe me?
Well, it all began last Monday. I went to work as usual. My boss was late for a meeting, as was usual as well. When he called me from his mobile to bring him something for his meeting he had left at the bureau the last Friday (which in truth was something he had not done and I had to miraculously procure out of thin air), the drama began to unfold.
It would finally kill a man, but nobody knows, not even my boss. And as that is how I want it to stay, I just can't reveal, who it was that I killed. It obviously was not my boss, though annoying as he is, he would deserve to be next. I just don't like him as much as my first victim to ... 

Please leave comments at the blog of Ella Drayton. Also writing-prompt contributions are very welcome.
Criticism I would appreciate you better left here on my blog ;o)
Thank you !


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    1. Thank you, Servetus ! I hope your projects and writing goes well!!!
      At the moment, work is pushing writing to the back, but the ideas seem to burts out of me anyway and I need to write them down. Hopefully I will get some time in the future to really extend on my short scribbled down plot-notes. ;o)