Wednesday 14 January 2015

Thank you - Fablaktuko ! - Liebster Award for CDoart

Fabolaktuko, on her blog "White Rose Writings", awarded my little blog here with the "Liebster Award" and I am greatly honoured.
I am very greatful, that my meager writings here got her attention and her wonderful friendship.

Thank you so much, Fabolaktuko !!!

The rules of the Liebster Award:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and link their blog into your post.
2. Answer 11 questions which you have been asked by the nominating blogger.
3. Nominate 5 to 11 other bloggers who have fewer than 1.000 followers.
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I sometimes do interviews, but only really very rarely feel myself being interesting enough to be asked questions in an interview myself and for myself.

1. If you could take Richard Armitage on vacation with you anywhere in the world (except ski resorts) where would it be and why?
Venice - I hope Richard Armitage likes museums (perhaps better to say, loves museums in abundance and never ending), because I have never been to Venice, but studied the history and would like to see every possible museum and library and archive there that is available and accessible to the public.
So it would take a while to get me away from there and stop me talking about all the "Kaiserpakta" (emperors' pacts with Venice), the battles, the maritime inventions, the book printing industry and the democratic specialty of La Serenissima. I so far have not found anyone who would endure me for the length of time necessary to appease my Venice enthusiasm and tolerant enough to bear my company on all the tours and discoveries I would like to make there.
My mother once told me, I should take my future husband on a honeymoon trip there. My comment only was: "That would be quite a short marriage then".
Her response to that was, I should have more confidence in men.
I could try if that works with RA ;o)

2. What is your favorite RA interview?
The first interview I saw with RA and the BBC (27.10.2008), [just can't find a working link to the interview right now and the old link where I saw it on YouTube does not work any longer.], which resulted in me becoming an irrevocable fan, because of the polite and still critical way of an upstanding and sensitive actor.

3. If you were producing a movie starring RA what would it be and who would be the director?
For me, of course: King Richard III
Director - I am not good with choosing one. I would leave that choice to Richard Armitage himself.

4. Your favorite RA sweater?
Sky blue, the photo series just makes him look so ethereal. (I am searching for a link to the images, but can't (any longer?) find them on my go-to source
I must admit, I normally have my problems with v-necked t-shirts or sweaters on men. (Must be a continental thing. On one of my first visits to the U.K. I was asked if I felt it was o.k. for men to wear v-necks. I was astonished about the necessity for such an absurd question, as those styles are a no-go for men here where I live and men think them to be efeminating, except perhaps in combination with a shirt beneath and then they might seem a bit oldfashioned or nerdy.)
But RA certainly makes them work to perfection, so my general style guides don't apply to him. (Though I still hesitate concerning stripes (except fine pinstripes), dots and checks. Ihhh...)

5. What was your favorite movie as a child?
I can't remember having had one. But you could always convince me to watch a film, if there were pirates or ships in the movies or it was something historical.

6. What is your favorite comfort food?
Tomato sauce with Knödel/dumplings of some kind
(For the height of effect of the last two, only my mother's would do. Not even my mere cooking, knowing what I like, would suffice.)

7. Favorite RA hair?  Thorin, Guy (season 1, 2 or 3), Proctor, Lucas North, or John Strandring (pre or post haircut)?
Lucas North mostly had a quite lax haircut, but still, I quite liked him that way. Not overly fussy and no stickler for accuracy, but still sweet and decisively male. Proctor on the other hand represents the stickler for accuracy and the necessity of strict order for me, another very attractive extreme on RA. Though he has a beard here, even the beard is short cropped and under control.
I also like the long and well cared for look of Guy of Gisborne’s hair in few parts of series 3, but that look did not last nice for long. I am surprised about that, because only few men can turn long hair into a sexy work of seduction, but RA obviously can. He should really play a historic role, where long hair is necessary. Would like to see him with a wig once. (So not only a Richard III role, but also another historical role would be on my wish list, if I could have a say in the decision making.)
Do I really have to chose just one haircut? As long as it is RA's hair (or Guy's extensions), long short or ruffled, that mostly is enough for me: I just don't like his hair's look as John Standring.

8. Are you a day person or a night person?
More a night person. I need some time to get my body working and into a creative mood, which normally takes till evening, till my brain is not just coping, but creating.

9. Vanilla or Chocolate Ice Cream?
Straciatella, if I could choose. I like both, vanilla and chocolate, so a combination of the two normally would be my choice and straciatella does that quite fine ;o)

10. Favorite RA premiere look?
Phiuhhh, that is hard. I neither like stripes nor checks nor spots (as mentioned previously), so definitely all those things are quite out of the question for me. Though lately one checkered look was not all too bad on RA.
But I must admit, I am rather an admirer of formal wear and RA just looks so wonderful in it. And aubergine/dark, deep violet/lila is my favourite colour, so the first Wellington premiere with the dark cravat is my absolute none plus ultra.

11. Favorite TV Series?
Spooks (though series 9 still rises some issues with me and I still feel it is a bit of a let down on the possibilities it previously had.)
Le Floch (with Jérôme Robart) - even a few ships ;o)
Hornblower (with Ioan Gruffudd) - full of ships. Though some sink, I am still in heaven here with the wonderful film music I just can't get enough of.
Smuggler (with Oliver Tobias) - Ships again ;o)
Though I am sure on board of a ship myself, I would follow Mr. Hornblower's example and would be 'seasick in Spithead'. You will know what that means, when you have watch part 1 of the series ;o)

As I am not up to date with blog reading and discovering new blogs, I must admit, that I did not come up with a new list of blogs to recommend. I follow a few blogs and some of them for a long while, but quite a few of them became famous by now and do not fit the 1.000 followers recommendation any longer. So for now, I have to pass and postpone the naming of new "Liebster Award" nominees for a later time.

Thank you for reading and following and a big thank you to you, Fabolaktuko, for selecting me as one of your "Liebster Award" blogs !!!


  1. Hello CDoart! I hope you had fund answering the questions, I loved reading them and great answers. I didn't know you were a lover of Venice and of museums. I feel almost certain that RA would love to go on that trip with you, and he would make sure to do some extensive research himself before the trip. I'm also happy to know you and I share a love of Lucas' hair. Hope this was fun for you my friend. (Still keeping fingers crossed for Richard III)

    1. Thank you so much, Fabolaktuko! I enjoyed your questions very much. It brought me back to think about why I am here, after a long while, when fandom had become a kind of 'routine in thinking'. So it was very interesting to approach my reasons for it anew and reflect on what interests define me.
      Thank you so much, for initiating this thinking process !!!
      All the best to you and hopefully Richard III will work out in one way or other some time we can appreciate it ;o)

  2. Congratulations on your award. I did not know you were such a fan of pirates / ships. I would definitely go with you to Venice. If you let me take naps every now and then we would do fine.

    1. A revolutionary by heart, pirates (though not their brutality, but their 'different way of thinking' and not conforming with the 'normal' way of life) are very fascinating to me. And ships represent the interest in the variety of the world for me. Wanting to see everything and discovering the extent and beauty of the whole world for me is embedded in a ship. The effort that was needed to fulfill that desire, especially is in the old sailing ships, so I especially like the old, not so much the modern, comfortable and industrialised ships. They by far do not fascinate me in a similar way, though they still hold a memory of the old hard fought for desires.

      I take you on, Servetus ! Venice it is then, when you come over here ;o) And naps we will need to be able to take everything in.
      So I need to get my work sorted out, blow the dust from my Venice books and papers and we have a plan, Servetus !