Wednesday 29 October 2014

(Re-)Turning to Al Delarmy

On request by a dear RA fan and friend
and because of an infection securing my inactivity in bed and a sleepless night with headache, I found my way back to the one remedy, which like no other can turn my head and get my gray cells into a muddle and into motion at 3 a.m. at night.

Intrigue - Al Delarmy

I am no longer able to write the story the way I most likely would have done two - oh my, it is already over three (!) - years ago.
The story went along with me for three years.
My world pessimism did not lessen one bit in the meantime, but if any, did increase, which unfortunately will also influence my already world weary hero Al Delarmy.
And I left Al Delarmy alone for over three years by now, and an intelligent spy left alone for so long has time to find his own scrapes and pitfalls (so I don't need to invent some for him ;o)

Let's find out, where we find him after so long, if he found a new or the one singular love interest of his life. (I would wish it for him and had written in one character for him before the pause and now need to find out if Al likes her the way I had intended. - But, what a disappointment ! Al the romancer did put the lovely girl on hold and made it a long distance relationship! Argh !!! What more can I do as his author? Should I push him or ... ?
It is good that I, his author, now come back and take a leading hand in his fate again. He so urgently needs me to get him out of the muddle his life is and get him a happy ending.
Or, will he even get one? Or am I just mean and will put him into another 'John Bateman Nothing'? Or let him redeemingly die, sacrifice himself for the greater good?
Who knows?
Some of my acquaintances certainly are convinced that I can be mean ;o)
And with the world as it is, who knows where we will end ...

I am sorry for my very summarising writing style in this story.
I refer to the series' happenings and so need to get a lot of action into the background without overtaking my main line of the story, as I don't want to cut him entirely loose from the rest of the story, but embed him into his own story which is the one solution "S." was not able to reveal to us (because Al's story had not concluded and fully happened back then ;o)
To make my story work, I also need to re-arrange a lot of persons in a swift way.
As I am also personally not comfortable in the gambling halls and the underworld where I send Al into, I might gloss over some of the scenes you would most likely want to hear more in detail reports about.
To get to the main draw and angle points of the story and not to draw it out any longer than necessary - as my figure constellation is complicated enough - I hurriedly gloss over the glamorous social encounters and partying of Al Delarmy and focus on the main persons furthering the development of the secret plot of the story line.
Please feel free to enrich the social encounters of Al Delarmy in a way your fantasy likes best.
Al is much more comfortable in those environments than I am and can play the protagonists much better than I ever could. (I am always surprised by his reports about his encounters.)
I try to tell you the mere details of how Al tries to get his revenge and as Al is not a simple, one-layered character, his plans can get quite complicated, especially as he tries to get his revenge against an enemy the MI5 does not even recognize as a possible threat and Germany with open arms harbours and works with and supports as an economical saviour.

So with the following motto the story can go on:
The bad guys you can calculate with. The 'good guys' are those you need to keep an eye on.

But maybe, Al's schemes already start to work in the background and the masks begin to slide and truths start to be revealed?
Who knows ... ?

Slowly, the story will go on !
Long live Al Delarmy and that lots of his Intrigues work out the way he intends!

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  1. I hope you are feeling better! Glad to see you here again.