Thursday 16 February 2012

Ties or No Ties ...

 is a funny occasion, where opposites are exchanged, fun is made of all and everything is turned round and made into its opposite.
With all this changes, today is the special day for women to take the reign in Fasching. "Weiberfasching"
and its the day when women may 'cut ties'.
Perhaps you can guess what the ties are meant to represent.
But as Fasching does no bodily harm (except for self induced excesses with alcohol), the ties must suffice ;o)

I just could not resist (though I normally stay quite far away from any 'Faschings-Trubel'):

Must draw out my scissors ...


Schnipp ....

But I fear, I was not the first who's intent was set on this special tie ...


The Faschings-slogan of my village (though I will leave out the name of it in the slogan.)
"... Narretei - Alle dabei!"

Have a funny and relaxed time, with or without Fasching !

P.S.: Sorry, did the cut outs in a rush and not with the immediate intention to put them on a dark background.


  1. Haha, I never heard of that tradition before. :) That Lucas tie would be a perfect target for women everywhere!

    1. It is a regional tradition and I had to warn colleagues from other parts, not to wear or hide their ties on that special day.
      On that day my mother always chose a tie she did not like for my father. You can imagine how disappointed she was, when one year, he came back home with the tie intact, as his female colleages seem to have liked the tie and had spared it ;o)