Monday 9 January 2012

Fandom and What it Means to me

You will most likely have found the message, which has triggered the following blog post, much earlier than me.
Calexora is leaving RA-blogging.
She received just absolutely wonderful and encouraging comments and I want to add my encouragement, like
RAFrenzy already has done in a wonderful post.

But first of all, 
I want to thank Calexora for lovely to read and wonderfully enjoyable blog posts.

I found Calexora's blog posts lighthearted and full of humour. Not at all like an obsessed fan, thinking only with the one remaining 'grey cell' focused on the chosen idol. [Forgive me, I have watched too many Hercule Poirot films in my childhood ;o) ]

Someone who can laugh about himself is not obsessed. Obsession starts, where the humour ends. So in my view, Calexora never was in danger.
Though, I understand, that Calexora feels uncomfortable right now and needs to find her way again.
I am waiting for her to come back to bloggosphere again, in whatever form she decides to do so and am looking forward to her new writing ideas and blog.

Her decision also made me think about my own attitude towards fandom.

I know that I draw back from for me uncomfortable situations and if I cannot draw back, tend to get quite fierce about the things I think are right. So in case something goes too far for my comfort zone, you wont find me around, as it is better than the other option.
I for myself would have never watched the TV interview, which triggered Calexora's reaction to extreme fan-following. For one, I have no TV set, but still I could have found the show on the internet. For another, I am no fan of GB [I am, of the storage space, but not of the actor who is shortened here, as I am in general no fan material] and normally not that interested in finding out about actors. RA is the one exception, where I do read some information which is provided openly. But as soon as it goes into private details, I most likely bow out of being interested and far from searching for more. [Sorry, if you erroneously follow me to find some revealing news. Here I absolutely must disappoint you, as this will never come forward here on this blog.]

Fotunately, I am convinced, as RAFrenzy also writes, that RA does not read our blogs.
So I can continue to find out more about the one thing, which really motivates my blog. The healing, soothing and encouraging effect, RA strangely has on me, which helps me through life, encourages me to be brave, when I would like to draw back and to discover new things in and around me.
The general rule therefor here for me is, the blog is not so much about RA, but about what he does to me, what effect he has on me. In the end that somehow means, the blog is in some way about me [though I normally don't like to talk about me].

Is RA the catalyst, the method to reflect upon and cope with myself, as a kind of therapy and medicine or more in a way of engaging the 'grey cells' like Hercule Poirot would have done to train his mental abilities?

I must research some more about those aspekts of fandom.
For example, would I need to consult a doctor for RA as medicine ? The last medicine I got from my doctor had exactly the opposite effect as it should have and I got the illness the doctor tried to cure. Fortunately symptoms slowly fade by not taking the medicine any longer.
RA's effect in that case is much more healing and effective, so quite a medical remedy ;o)
Also RA's effect to encourage creativity of all kind is undenied, so a certain aspect of encouraging 'grey cell' activity is present as well.

Richard Armitage - Powerful Remedy and Inspiration


  1. Thank You for almost writing "MY WORDS" on the subject! ;)

  2. @Livsturisten
    Thank you very much, for commenting, Livsturisten.
    Do you have a link to you post/comment? I would love to read it and link it in here.

  3. Thank you so much for your sweet post. I sent you a FB message too. I'll still be writing but I needed to go in a different direction and needed to make a clean break from RA blogging to help me do so. That doesn't mean though that I'll stop visiting the other RA blogs, including yours. I look forward to continuing to read you. And best wishes for your King Richard project and petition. xox

  4. @calexora
    Thank you very much, Calexora. I wish you all the best and am very much looking forward to your future blog, in whatever direction you decide to go. I do understand your necessity for a clear break. Good luck!
    I am happy to hear that you will not leave us other bloggers entirely ;o)

  5. Very well-written, CDoart. Wise words. And yes, RA is a good medicine in some ways. :)

  6. Thank you very much, Traxy! That was the RA-effect ;o)